Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White House bound!

Guess who's going to DC?
Guess who's going to the White House?
THIS girl!

I was nominated by the American Heart Association for a spot in this year's Community Leaders Briefing at the White House February 24th. Out of 120 spots open nationwide, and out of the ten nominations from our local office, the national office picked me! 

I will be attending a meeting about cardiovascular health, (maybe share my story), attend sessions with administration officials, get a tour of the East Wing, and a real White House lunch!

Can ya tell I'm excited? :D

I declined at first because I thought we would have to cover expenses but the AHA is covering my airfare, hotel, and food, so I jumped at the opportunity! The Hubby is tagging along too so this will be our first time alone together since our two year anniversary!

Time to get packing!


  1. Sheesh! That is absolutely amazing. Well done, Ruth! You are going leaps and bounds and are accomplishing SO MUCH, SO FAST! I'm really proud of you! Take lots of pictures and be sure to tell me, in ridiculously specific details, all about your trip. And . . . Enjoy your time together!!!!

  2. I will! Thanks for being so supportive!!!