Pulse Ox and Heart Defects

When Corbin was born, I had never heard about heart defects let alone the simple, cheap, painless test that could detect them. Pulse ox can save lives and I want to share that. I want every hospital in the country to run pulse ox test on newborns before they leave. I want to save lives in Corbin's memory.
These sites are helping me do that. Please take a minute to visit and educate yourself about the benefits of pulse ox.

First: a flyer I made to educate moms to be and new moms about pulse ox and heart defects. Free download.

Another flyer meant for moms to be and new moms that they can take with them the day they deliver or baby's first checkup. It will help you ask your doctor for a pulse ox test. Free download.

A powerful blog about a mother whose child died in her arms. Thanks to her, Indiana now tests every single child for heart defects using pulse ox. 

A website dedicated to educating other mothers about heart defects. CHD, or Congenital Heart Defects are the most common defect in newborns affecting one in 100 babies. This is a very informative and educational site that I have referenced many times. 

A site created by Cora's mother, Kristine, to further her efforts to spread pulse ox advocacy. I cannot count the times I have used, referenced, or linked to this site. It is an invaluable resource to those wanted to learn more or help spread the word. 

Yet another website created by Kristine to spread awareness. I had the honor of guest posting on this site and I hope you will take a minute to stop by and leave some love.

A facebook page I help run dedicated to our Pulse Ox campaign in West Virginia. I, along with two heart moms, have started a mission to get pulse ox mandatory in our state. We have started working with the American Heart Association to get the word out and I am proud to announce that Corbin's Bill has PASSED! Pulse ox will be mandatory in approximately April, 2013. "Like" our page and help spread awareness!

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