Friday, September 16, 2011


Tomorrow is the Heart Walk. I'm nervous. It will be my first time attending a heart walk and, as you know, anything heart related is very important to me. I know I won't be the only angel mom, I most definitely won't be the only heart mom; but I feel like the "new kid". Silly, I know.

I haven't been writing like I used to. I've dived into my photography business trying to stay busy, trying to make money, trying to feel like I'm contributing to society. Photography, school, gym, horses, the Monkey, networking pulse ox, tweeting, pinning...anything to stay occupied.

Corbin's story was recently featured on Band Back Together. Check it out and read the comments. I can really feel the love and that is so helpful. It helps to know that other people know about Corbin. That is more people's minds he has been engraved into. That is that many more people who will not forget. I'm spreading his love and strength and that means the world to me.

This post is kind of all over the place. But that's okay. Because that's how I feel.

Oh, and Peanut's headstone will be here Monday. I'm actually kind of excited, is that bad? It makes me feel happy, in a way, to have something so strong and long lasting with his name on it. It will last forever and I love that thought.