Saturday, September 3, 2011

Newborn screening awareness month!

It is the month to share about newborn screening! Please take a minute to read and educate yourself then please pass it on!

Newborn screening is a series of tests given to your infant shortly after birth to test to certain defects/disorders/diseases. This you may have already known.

What you may NOT know is that 1 in every 250 babies tests positive for a disease. With the addition of pulse oximetry (in some states) babies are now being tested for heart defects. Sometimes called the 6th vital sign; pulse oximetry can help save a life.

Please read and then share. The more who read this, the better chance we have at saving a life.

To learn more about pulse ox, click here.
To see if your state uses pulse ox, click here.
To contact someone who is already advocating for pulse ox in your state, click here.