Monday, August 1, 2011

Tip Me Tuesday

I've been a big fan of do-it-yourself blogs, TV shows, and websites for a while now. I love to see the before and after pictures and imagine how I could use those tips in my own house. I came across a blog party and decided it was time to join in!

The two weeks after Corbin passed away, Hubby and I did not allow ourselves to sit still. We constantly had projects going to keep our minds and bodies busy. It was part of our grieving and it may not work for others, but it helped us.

This is one of my projects: to make curtains for the kitchen.


Exhibit A: the fabric

The walls are grey and I wanted something bright and cheery to warm up the kitchen. This fabric made me jump with joy when I found it online. Per-fec-tion.

Introducing my new best friend: no-sew Heat-n-Bond!

Measure it out...

I line pins down where I need the edge of the fabric to meet.

Line the Heat-n-Bond down the length of the fabric.

Fold over and start to iron. Once I folded the fabric over, I pulled the pins out then stuck them back in the fabric on the very outside edge and pulled them out as I ironed down the line.

Keep going!


Make sure you leave room for the curtain rod!

Monkey approves :)