Sunday, November 13, 2011

Join us!

Finally an update! Our pulse ox efforts have been going slow lately, but that's mainly because this is an election year and we have to wait for everyone to stop fighting over positions. We can't pick a sponsor if their position is going to change because we want to be sure to pick a sponsor that will be in a group related to health to up our chances of passing the bill.
Then you have to throw in the emotional aspect of politics. Don't get me's really complicated.

But we finally have something you can do! In order to keep in contact with all our supporters easily, we are asking everyone to sign up at: so we can send group emails when we need your help! Say it's the day before they are going to sign on a bill, we need you all to send emails to the legislators showing that you all support our efforts and that it is important to more people then just us. This way you are all involved in helping us pass this bill!
It is crucial we have a support team that will back us up on the days we need that flood of emails. So sign up and spread the word! You can help!