Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paint a sunset

Dear Peanut,
It's your daddy's birthday today.
I know he must be thinking of you and how much he misses you. It breaks my heart that he won't be able to celebrate his life without his second son here.
After you passed away, Hubby told me that after we got married, he prayed and prayed for two boys. The day we found out we were having you, took his breathe away because it showed that God had answered his prayers. But then you were taken back. It broke his heart Peanut. It truly tore his heart open. Why would God give him the two sons he asked for, only to take one away?
Even though you could not stay, we would not trade a single day we had with you. He was, and is, so proud of you. So proud of what you have inspired and accomplished through those that knew you.
I hope you can have a moment with your Daddy tomorrow and let him know that you will always be with us and you love him. I hope you paint the most magnificent sunset tomorrow, just for him.

Love you always,