Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look ma, I'm on TV!

About two weeks ago, I and a fellow heart mom Michelle, were interviewed about our journeys through heart defects and our mission (along with Kathy) to make Pulse Ox mandatory in West Virginia.
Read more here.

It got bumped a few times, times changed, but in the end it finally aired. And I was on TV! No, really, I am so happy that it was shown on public television. It reaches much more people then your basic media. I can only reach so many people through Facebook, blogging, Twitter, and word of mouth. By having an interview aired on television, and now posted online; I am estatic. Like I said in the interview: if I hear one story of a parent that says they saw our interview and it saved thier baby's life; then we have been successful.

 Check it our and share!


  1. Great interview! Thanks for including my "every baby needs a pulse ox test" box on your blog! Can you link my blog to it like the others? I clicked on it and it didn't work - chdbabies.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  2. I've said this before and I'll say it again ... you are an amazing advocate. It was a fantastic interview. You should be proud - I know I am proud of you! xoxoxo